Botany Hills

Looking to move to an up-and-coming area with a small city feel? You can’t go wrong with Covington, Kentucky. Conveniently located directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio, Covington neighborhoods are convenient, affordable, and located in the middle of an area in the midst of job growth. Next Article.

The Botany Hills neighborhood of Covington, Kentucky is a great option if you’re considering a move to Covington. Botany Hills is known for its diversity, friendly neighbors, restaurants, parks, pet-friendly atmosphere, and its convenient location. More Here.

The people of Botany Hills, Covington, enjoy gardening and landscaping, home improvement and DIY projects, camping, cooking, local history, and hosting evening barbeques. They are highly invested in local and regional issues, and maintain a fascinating list of hobbies.

As with all neighborhoods in Covington, Botany Hills is conveniently located. The neighborhood is within about 10 minutes of downtown Cincinnati. Perhaps lesser known, but still relevant, it’s also within 20 minutes of Florence and Hebron, Kentucky. Hebron is now a central hub for Amazon, and Florence is a local favorite among shoppers, especially for Florence Mall. Both areas are great places for job-seekers.

Botany Hills, Covington, has a population of about 3043 people, with an average age of 49, making it a great community for established families. 48% of Botany Hills residents own their homes outright, so there are plenty of opportunities to rent, if you’d rather go that route or if you’re just getting yourself established in this community. 

Other nearby neighborhoods include: City Heights, Kenton Hills, Helentown, and Lakewood Hills.