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Non-Compete Agreement Services For Employers

If you have legitimate business interests you’d like to protect and would like to implement a non-compete agreement, consider speaking to Gatlin Voelker non-compete agreement attorneys. Our firm can review your needs, address your concerns, and help you find a solution that prioritizes your business goals and interests.

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Will Your Non-Compete Hold in Court?

It can be tough to enforce a non-compete agreement that is too broad in nature. Because non-compete agreements can limit a person’s ability to work in their own field or further their career, the court may closely scrutinize an agreement before enforcing it. It’s important to ensure your business’ non-compete agreements will stand the legal examination in the event of a contract breach. A non-compete agreement, in order to be valid, must:
  • Offer the employee some form of benefit for signing on
  • Be limited in scope (in terms of geography and time period)
  • Specify what business interest the employer wishes to protect in the agreement
Our attorneys will assist you in drafting a strong, specific, and legally enforceable non-compete agreement.

Non-Compete Legal Services

Partner with one of our non-compete attorneys to protect your trade secrets, client lists, and other proprietary information. We offer the following legal services for non-compete agreements:
  • Drafting non-competes
  • Enforcement of non-compete agreements, including litigation if necessary
  • Defense of non-compete violations
  • Protecting confidential information and trade secrets
Gatlin Voelker also offers legal services to employees who are entering into a non-compete agreement, preparing to leave a company where they are already bound by such an agreement, or are being accused of breaching a non-compete agreement. For employees, our services include:
  • Terminating and navigating a non-compete agreement
  • Interpreting non-compete obligations
  • Providing legal counsel and defense in or out of court

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