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Drug Defense Lawyer in Northern Kentucky

When you are facing drug charges, you are at a crucial crossroads of your life. If you make a mistake and fail to take your charges as seriously as you should, you could find the rest of your life being defined by a single mistake

Protect Your Future From The Consequences Of A Drug Conviction

Drug crimes carry some of the most serious penalties of any nonviolent criminal charges. You may be facing obvious consequences such as extensive prison time and substantial fines. But there are many other consequences that are not as obvious:

  • No financial aid for college
  • Inability to secure a decent job
  • Negative impact on personal relationships
Putting forward the strongest defense now is the only way to protect your future.
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We Know How to Fight Drug Charges

One of the first issues we analyze when building a defense against drug charges is whether the police violated your Fourth Amendment right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. If the police violated your constitutional rights while pursuing drug evidence, we will work to keep that evidence out of court. Few drug cases are successful without drug evidence.

Prior to conviction or in the event of a conviction, we are also experienced in coordinating with the court and working with prosecutors to ensure you receive treatment rather than face jail time.

As Former Prosecutors, We Know Both Sides

At Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, we are skilled at building strong defenses against drug charges. As former prosecutors with decades of experience working in our local courts, we have strong insight into how prosecutors approach cases. We use that perspective to craft defenses that anticipate the case we will be fighting.

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