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We offer government, business, and personal litigation services for a wide range of cases. Building the most thorough and effective defense possible is our top priority.

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Our litigation lawyers have represented clients before federal and state courts, regulatory agencies, and arbitration panels throughout northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. From the moment you first contact us, we don’t waste any time in working to build you a strong defense and prepare you for the litigation process. We have what it takes to put your mind at ease and achieve resolution in the courtroom.

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Choosing a litigation lawyer can make all the difference between favorable results and failure in the courtroom. With 70 years of combined experience and a reputation for truly listening to and making time for each client, Gatlin Voelker is the wise choice. When you are represented by one of our experienced litigation attorneys, you will enter into court feeling calm, well-defended, and well prepared.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. It was a pleasant experience from the initial consultation, through all the litigation, all the way to the conclusion of my case. I highly recommend their expert law services to anyone who needs legal council.”

— Travis

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