Gatlin Voelker, PLLC are estate and trust litigation lawyers who assist clients with disagreements regarding wills, trusts, guardianships, and disputes in elder law. If you are facing a dispute in a matter of your estate or trust, our firm can help. Our firm can fight your case in probate courts and we work closely with beneficiaries to protect their rights. We will take the time to understand your concerns, review relevant documentation, and help you and your loved ones find a solution that protects your interests.

Under normal circumstances, when a case goes to probate court, a judge will determine the value of the estate, evaluate the taxes owed, the debts owed, and then distribute the estate among the remaining heirs. However, there are instances where heirs may choose to challenge the validity of a will. In some cases, wills or trusts are worded in ambiguous ways and families may disagree about how they should be interpreted. In some cases, individuals become incapable of managing their estates. If a person is rendered incapacitated, probate litigation may be required.

If you are facing estate or trust litigation, it is important to protect your rights and to understand your options. Probate litigation can become emotionally charged, especially when sibling conflict, family conflict, or other circumstances play a role in the dispute. For example, if a will disinherits one of the children or when a trust is mismanaged, estate and trust litigation may be required. If you are facing a dispute, contact Gatlin Voelker, PLLC, estate and trust litigation lawyers.

Trust disputes can arise due to a variety of reasons and every family will have its own unique challenges should a trust dispute arise. However, there are certainly some common reasons why trust disputes arise. Families may question whether the person who established the trust was capable to do so. Sometimes, as people become ill, they become unable to perform regular life functions and become unable to make important decisions for themselves or regarding their finances. In other cases, families become concerned that the individual may have been coerced into establishing a trust. Another case where a trust dispute can arise is when the trustee fails to properly manage a trust.

Sometimes when these concerns arise, they must be brought to court. If you are concerned about the validity of a trust, or are concerned about the management of a trust, you may want to speak to the estate and trust litigation lawyers at Gatlin Voelker. Our firm may be able to fight to ensure that money placed in a trust isn’t used for personal use by a trustee. We can also evaluate the ways a trust was established to determine whether a trust was valid in the first place. Contact us today to learn more about your rights and options when it comes to estate and trust litigation.

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