Our Law Firm and its lawyers currently serve or have previously represented numerous governmental agencies. The list of representative clients includes Counties, Cities, Planning Commissions, School Board and numerous other subdivisions of said entities. Our attorneys dedicate a vast amount of their practice time advising governmental agencies. Many attorneys specialize in a specific area, but the representation of governmental agencies requires vast knowledge of many areas of law. Planning and Zoning law in Kentucky is complex and an area of law few attorneys regularly practice. Representation of a governmental entity, involves being able to answer personnel questions, including but not limited to, the Family Medical Leave Act, due process in disciplining/terminating employees, the Policeman’s Bill of Rights, and Open Records/Meetings. Gatlin Voelker attorneys have practiced and advised governmental clients on all these matters. The diverse representation of governmental agencies assists in being able to answer questions concerning the impact of fellow governmental agencies on our representative clients. A Governmental Attorney must be able to answer questions presented during a meeting, where there is not time to return to an office and research an issue. When a resident seeks information they are not satisfied with an answer, “I will research that issue and get back with you.” Finally, a Governmental Attorney is called upon to properly draft ordinances, resolutions and executive orders. Our attorneys have dedicated their practice to advising governmental clients.

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Legal services should be more than just preparing and processing documents. My experience with the Gatlin Voelker team demonstrates that they understand this. Gatlin Voelker is willing and able to work hard to serve their clients by partnering with them to deliver solutions. Whether it be leading their client through the sale or acquisition of a business or playing an integral role in finding solutions to a problem, their creativity, experience and desire to help is second to none.

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