Linden Hill in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Linden Hill is a charming neighborhood located in the city of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. The neighborhood is located in the southernmost part of Fort Thomas, near the border with neighboring Campbell County. Linden Hill is known for its beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and family-friendly atmosphere. Read about the Southgate neighborhood.

Housing in Linden Hill consists primarily of single-family homes, with a mix of architectural styles including Colonial, Tudor, and Craftsman. Many of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the mid-20th century and have been well-maintained over the years. There are also some newer homes and townhomes in the area, offering a range of options for homebuyers.

Linden Hill is known for its strong sense of community, with many residents living in the neighborhood for years and even decades. The streets are quiet and peaceful, and it’s common to see neighbors out walking their dogs or chatting with each other while tending to their yards. The neighborhood is also home to several parks and recreational areas, including the popular Tower Park, which offers opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. A lawyer in nearby Covington.

One of the main draws of Linden Hill is its proximity to several excellent schools. The neighborhood is located within the Fort Thomas Independent School District, which is widely regarded as one of the best school districts in the state of Kentucky. Students in Linden Hill attend Highlands High School, which is consistently ranked as one of the top high schools in the state.

In addition to its excellent schools, Linden Hill is also conveniently located near several major highways, including Interstate 471 and Interstate 275. This makes it easy for residents to commute to other areas of Northern Kentucky, as well as to Cincinnati, which is located just across the Ohio River. Many residents of Linden Hill work in Cincinnati or other nearby cities, and the neighborhood’s convenient location makes it a popular choice for commuters.

Linden Hill is also home to several shopping and dining options. The neighborhood is located near the Newport Pavilion shopping center, which features a range of retailers and restaurants, including Target, Kroger, and Chipotle. There are also several local restaurants in the area, including the popular Greyhound Tavern, which has been serving up delicious food and drinks to locals for more than 90 years.

Overall, Linden Hill is a beautiful and welcoming neighborhood that offers its residents a high quality of life. With its excellent schools, beautiful homes, and convenient location, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to call Linden Hill home. Whether you’re a young family looking for a safe and friendly place to raise your children, or a professional looking for a quiet and peaceful neighborhood to call home, Linden Hill has something to offer everyone.

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